Letopisanie Vladimiro-Suzdal'skoy Rusi v issledovaniyakh B.A.Rybakova


In the article the research is carried out into B.A.Rybakov's principal conclusions concerning the character and origins of chronicle records in Vladimir-Suzdal Russia in the closing quarter of the 12th - early 13th centuries. The author considers the scholar's reasoning and techniques of studying the book culture of the North-West of Russia and undertakes a critical analysis of his conclusions on the attribution of a number of records in Vladimir chronicles.

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E A Alekseev


  1. Рыбаков Б.А. «Слово о полку Игореве» и его современники. М., 1971.
  2. Рыбаков Б.А. Даниил Заточник и владимирское летописание конца XII в. // Археографический ежегодник за 1970 год. М., 1971.



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