informatization training of primary school teachers as an important aspect of informatization of elementary education


Many researches on the strategies and development of teaching informatics in schools have proved expediency of a three-level content model of «Informatics» discipline which can be presented in three stages: propaedeutic, basic and specialized. Nowadays the problem of age limit for teacher of informatics has almost been solved, the search for suitable teaching methods and strategies is actively carried out, as well as the search for answers to such controversial questions as: "what and how should we teach informatics to elementary school students?", "who must teach?". The article aims to presents some of the research findings in the mentioned medium.

About the authors

Oksana Ivanovna Paschenko

Nizhnevartovsk State University of Humanities

кандидат педагогических наук, доцент кафедры информатики и методики преподавания информатики; Нижневартовский государственный гуманитарный университет; Nizhnevartovsk State University of Humanities


  1. Литвинович О.И. Методическая система подготовки учителей начальных классов к преподаванию пропедевтического курса информатики: Дис. ... канд. пед. наук. М., 2007.
  2. Литвинович О.И. Учебная программа и методические рекомендации курса «Теория и методика преподавания пропедевтического курса информатики» для студентов специальности 540600 «Педагогика», профиль 540607. Нижневартовск, 2007.



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