Use of demographic data in the strategic territorial planning of the city

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Territorial planning is a planning of development of territories. Territorial planning is carried out on federal, regional and local levels. Among the factors defining strategic planning of a city is the demographic data and tendencies that have great value. For a city of Nizhnevartovsk the basic documents of territorial planning reflect gradual population decline in the planning period. The actual demographic data of last years contradicts the calculations presented in documents on territorial planning, and forms the basis for a more realistic prognosis.

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Igor Alexandrovich Efremov

Nizhnevartovsk local history museum named after T.D.Shuvaev

аспирант кафедры географии Нижневартовского государственного гуманитарного университета; Нижневартовский краеведческий музей им. Т.Д.Шуваева; Nizhnevartovsk local history museum named after T.D.Shuvaev


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