No 1 (2012)


Relevance of flora research in the Bryansk region manor parks

Eliseenko E.P.


The article presents historical information about the time of occurrence, existence, the basic architectural and landscape features and the current state of parks in the Bryansk region, as well as issues of their study.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):3-6
pages 3-6 views

Water regime perculiarities of upland moor vascular plants in natural and man-made environments

Ivanova N.A., Umagulova E.R.


The article analyses intensive transpiration peculiarities, water content in organs, water-retaining and water-absorbing capacity of leaves of upland moor plants in the Western Siberia's middle taiga subzone. It is proved that the plants of upland moors are characterized by hydro stable type of water exchange, high water-absorbing capacity and economical water consumtion.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):7-10
pages 7-10 views

Species composition and eco-geographical characteristic of marsh algae in "Sibirskie Uvaly" Nature Park

Naumenko Y.V., Ptuhina O.Y.


The article presents findings of the study of taxonomical structure and eco-geographical characteristics of algae sphere in "Sibirskie Uvaly" Nature Park. 83 algae species, varieties and forms in 6 divisions were identified, with prevailing ones: Bacillariophyta (23), Chlorophyta (21) и Cyanophyta (17).
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):11-14
pages 11-14 views

Identification of meterological parameteres of a roadway despersion model

Vorozhnin V.S., Markelov Y.I., Davidov V.B., Teterin A.F., Poddubny V.A.


The article studies the possibility of defining input parameters in a dispersion model. Importance of measurement of meteorological parameters such as factor of a vertical turbulent exchange and a parameter of stability of an atmosphere is considered. The research provides results of values measurements in roadside areas.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):15-20
pages 15-20 views

Economic and geographical position of Nizhnevartovsk region

Sokolov S.N.


The article analyses certain kinds of Nizhnevartovsk region economic and geographical position which is characterized by interrelation with its external environment. Extreme geographical points of region are specified; geographical, demographic and economic-geographical centers of the region and ex-centrality factor are defined. An average geographical size index has been used to measure the size of the region and compare it with sizes of other regions. It is proved that economic-geographical position greatly influences development of economy both in time and space.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):21-31
pages 21-31 views

Use of demographic data in the strategic territorial planning of the city

Efremov I.A.


Territorial planning is a planning of development of territories. Territorial planning is carried out on federal, regional and local levels. Among the factors defining strategic planning of a city is the demographic data and tendencies that have great value. For a city of Nizhnevartovsk the basic documents of territorial planning reflect gradual population decline in the planning period. The actual demographic data of last years contradicts the calculations presented in documents on territorial planning, and forms the basis for a more realistic prognosis.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):32-34
pages 32-34 views

Nature of criptomorphic geomorphological structural forms

Lopatin D.V.


In the present article the author continues to discuss the problem concerning identification of tectonic dislocations which can be seen on the surface as small relief forms, combined into lines, zones and fields which are clearly seen in satelitte photos as geometricized tonometric anomalies. A succession of morphotectonic dislocations is lined up with morphostructures at one end and criptomorphic formations on the other. The relationship between indication factors of criptomorphic formations and tectonic dislocations of different origin and age is also of a concern in the research.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):35-39
pages 35-39 views

The use of ground-penetration method for identification of lithological boundaties in fluvial relief forms

Lobanov G.V., Polyakova A.V., Mikheev K.Y.


The article presents the studies of defining litological boundaries in fluvial forms of relief by a ground-penetration radar method. Restrictions of the method use, prospects of its application in fluvial geomorphology and geoecology are proved.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):40-45
pages 40-45 views

Creation of Nizhnevartovsk region database

Sliva E.A.


The present article is concerned with methods of creating geodatabase design of Nizhnevartovsk. The main function of the geodatabase is collecting and ranking of data. The results can be applied as the cartographical basis for the natural-science research and as a sourse of information about geographical objects in Nizhnevartovsk region.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):46-50
pages 46-50 views

Correction of taxation data for actualization purposes as an initial phase of geo-information systems creation

Vorozhnina S.S., Nagimov Z.Y., Godovalov G.A., Vorozhnin V.S.


Necessary condition for introduction of forest information management systems by is specification of forest growth indicatiors the account of the factors influencing forest environment.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):51-54
pages 51-54 views

Riverbank deformations in "Sibirskie Uvaly" Nature Park

Korkin S.E.


This paper presents research on riverbank deformations of the Glubokiy Sabun River in 2003-2011. The research findings show deformations in 5 out of 6 areas, with maximum in the 5th area of the second river station - 0,5 meters per year, which resulted in an average for the area of 0,25 meters per year. Compared to the total average in 2010 - 0,3 meters per year, the rate for 2011 equals 0,07 meters per year. That outcome proves that in 2011 the streamflow caused a lower level of riverbank erosion.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):55-61
pages 55-61 views

Estimation of soil contamination level in the city of Nizhnevartovsk

Storchak T.V.


The article presents level estimation of chemical pollution of soil using a total indicator of geochemical pollution of soils by toxicants (Zc). For the estimation of intensity of chemical elements involvement in biological circulation it has been decided to use the factor of biological uptake.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):62-68
pages 62-68 views

System approach in implementation of environmental and geoecological activities

Oborin M.S.


Due to the general recognition of system approach importance, researchers-sistemologists have various ideas about its essence and ways of application. The article consideres system views in geography and natural science.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):69-73
pages 69-73 views

The problems of system approach implementation while organizing professional development trainings in emercom state fire service divisions

Rondirev-Ilyinsky V.B.


The article is concerned with problematic issues of professional development, mobility, spectrum broadening of work types and quality increase of performed tasks by means of professional delelopment trainings of staff organized in GPS of EMERCOM Russia divisions.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):74-76
pages 74-76 views

Field tourist camps and hiking tours organization safety requirements

Tretyakov A.V.


The article analyses objective and subjective factors when estimating probabilities of extreme situations in amateur tourism, as well as safety issues while organizing and carrying out field tourist camps.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):77-83
pages 77-83 views

Stability of oil and gas facilities with account of risk factor for environment

Khodjaeva G.K., Grebenyuk G.N.


The article is concerned with ecological hazard and its damage scale which are directly connected with the level of ecological risk; it also analyses nature protection activities with taking into account risk factor for environment.
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):84-88
pages 84-88 views

Theoretical basis for recreation and tourism studies at various hierarchial levels

Oborin M.S.


The present article considers theoretical basis for recreation and tourism studies at various hierarchical levels
Bulletin of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2012;(1):89-94
pages 89-94 views

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